Wednesday, March 6, 2013

Is Having A Blog On Your Site Vital For SEO?

SEO is an abbreviation for Search EngineOptimization and it represents factors which determine the position of a certain page on the search engine results pages. SEO has become the name of the game for a few years now and many webmasters are trying to get as much search engine traffic as possible. It's not an easy task to get traffic from search engines, primarily from Google. This is because it's hard to filter out the real content from spam, but there is a trick which is making a blog as part of your website. A blog is a popular informational page or site on a certain topic. Originally blogs were used by journalists and as a diary written by write ophiles.

To put more thought into this research, I have found that having a blog is one step forward towards good search engine rankings. Many webmasters and online writers have noticed a strong connection between quality content and good search engine rankings mainly because Google is ranking websites based upon the quality content they provide. Websites with blogs are rewarded with a better quality score. I found that it's advantageous to have a blog primarily because they are easily accessible and provide great content. Blogs are usually made up of textual content, which is great for visitors.

Even more visitors can observe the company or person or get in touch using the blog comments section. Most visitors will interact if they admire the blog or if they want to know more about the company or a particular topic related to the website overall. Blogs are generally prone to "go viral" and it's a great way to get more visibility on the Internet. All you need is great content and eventually a couple of constant readers who are willing to share and promote your content.

What I really like about blogs is that they provide fresh content and share information related to the website. Many visitors are willing to find out latest updates related to the website or a particular topic. Blogging doesn't require e-mail marketing. Mere collecting of email addresses isn't required because constant readers are able to find all the information they are looking for within a couple of clicks.

SEO is simply a numbers game. The more visitors you have and the more shares and social visibility you have, the higher your site will rank on the search engines. Many web designers and photographers are having a blog. It's not like they are necessarily "talky" - at the end of the day, they are into art and not into writing - but for more online presence the blog is worth having. Google and other search engines noticed that blogs are very useful for its visitors. They are trying to provide their visitors the best sources of content they can find. Having a blog is like a having an additional pair of aces.

The only possible disadvantage of having a blog is that it may be time consuming. You'll need to dedicate a lot of hours into writing posts for your blog. If you aren't into writing, you'll need to hire someone to write posts for you. However, in that case you'll have to pay for the writing service.

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