Tuesday, January 29, 2013

Why Social Media is So Important

Social media has impacted our world and our culture in a major way over the last couple of years in creative ways that many of us never could have imagined before these sites were launched. Even MySpace back in its infancy seemed like such an advanced program, it’s hard to imagine now how we ever lived without the use of social media. Now, things like learning how to get more Facebook likes and how to increase Twitter followers are popular searches on Google. Isn’t it crazy how social media has impacted our culture and given us fresh ways to communicate with each other?

Remember back when you had to actually pick up the phone and call someone if you wanted to talk to them? That or you had to get up and go see them in person; those were you two options, you could go see the person live, or you could call them on the phone, there was no text messaging or Facebook or Twitter to reach out on. Now, we barely use our mobile phones to communicate via the “phone”, no, we now use out mobile smartphones to log into our social media accounts wherever we are, whether it’s at the airport, the restaurant, the sports game, sometimes we do it even when we are at work. It’s almost like there is a “need” for us to get onto our social media accounts and constantly update our friends of new things that are going on.
Of course there are those that probably spend way too much time on Facebook and Twitter, but for a lot of us, we use these sites for good causes. It truly is a great way that we can reach out to friends and families, and it’s given people an awesome way that they can always be up-to-date. Can you even imagine how many relationships have kicked off because of social media? Long distance relationships used to be a laughingstock for those that attempted them, but now with things like Instagram, and Skype, it’s opened the door to all kinds of new possibilities, and it has made our lives a whole lot easier.
Social media has impacted our culture in ways that none of us were prepared or ready for, and it’s something that our ancestors never could have seen coming. It’s crazy to think how far it has advanced in the few years we’ve had it, leaving us to wonder just how far it will take us in the future.
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